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Trauma/Critical Illness

A serious illness, such as cancer, a stroke or a heart attack, can strike at any time, causing physical and emotional trauma.

“It won’t happen to me”

Around half of all Australians aged over 30 will suffer at least one of the seven health conditions that can lead to long-term disability and, consequently, a long-term loss of income.

While modern medicine can provide many people with a good chance of recovery, the financial consequences of a serious illness can be devastating. Unfortunately, bills don’t stop coming just because you’re ill.

Remember, critical illness doesn’t just mean that the one who is sick is unable to work. It often dramatically affects other family members and their ability to work.

For those recovering from an illness and facing a lengthy period of recuperation, there is often the financial burden of medical bills and expenses, the ongoing costs of rehabilitation and care, possible modifications to the home and even forced early retirement.

How would your family or loved ones cope if you suffered a stroke or were diagnosed with cancer? Not only might you lose your income through not being able to work, but you might also have to tap into your savings, sell your home or face major costs for medical treatment and rehabilitation. Not a pretty picture.

Few people have the necessary savings to pay all these expenses or to manage without a regular income.

You may need time off to recuperate properly or go down to part time hours (if you have a generous and understanding boss). You may need to pay for a vacation or time off without pay. Trauma insurance was invented because medical studies have proved that patients of critical illness who don’t have to rush back to work due to financial pressures are far more likely to recover permanently.

Trauma insurance can help you cope financially with the impact of a disability, illness or injury. It is paid as a lump sum and can be used to pay for changes to your lifestyle or for care required as a result of the trauma.

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Cover for Your Children

You may not be able to protect your children from everything in life but you can be prepared financially, so you can focus on helping them in every other way. Children’s trauma provides a lump sum upon the diagnoses of serious illnesses such as cancer or injury such as paraplegia, or severe burns, the funds can be used to help with any expenses, such as medical, rehabilitation or home modifications. These policies generally include a life insurance benefit and can be converted into adult policies when they get older.

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